Sunday, October 21, 2007

You know, looking back on it. It was just a plain dumb old idea. Names Parker, you don't need my first name. I'm your average twenty five year old looking to be a star. I tried the Rock-n-Roll thing. I just suck at the music part. I tried to create some cool paintings, but yo, that takes a lot of time. So about a year ago I decided Hollywood was where it was at. So a cheap bus ticket later, I was knee deep in pimps, playas, and fake breasted sweethearts. Course I was still just the average squirrel trying to get a nut. I did all that casting stuff, and really hated it. Got a little luck on some commercial work. But still this "being a star," was such hard work. That was until I found the add for a new reality T.V show. It was called "Starved." That was all the add said. I just showed up to the addition, with a resume and a head shot. A really hot chick with the blackest hair interviewed me for about an hour. I barely remember any questions, I just remember that tight little figure in that tight little blouse. There was a strange smell in the air, it just kind of kept my head light. It reminded me of how I feel when I just wake up from a long sleep. Well, anyways I was called back a few days later. This was it!!My huge break, on a break through television show. Honestly I should have really listened more, or at least read all those contracts I signed. But I spent way more time, checking on all the honeys in that office. Its like they were there, to just keep my mind off what I was doing.. Well, after I signed the final dotted line, the producer(who happens to be the hot black haired chick, her names Lucy.) Well she walks up to me, and just shoves some needle in the side of my neck. I mean in like 3 seconds, it's straight dark. When I open my eyes, well that's the surprise. I am gonna be a star, on T.Vs future breakout hit. The next great television experiment. Its not some idiots on an island, or voting out has been movie stars in some cracked out mansion. No, its about a lovely tribe of cannibals. Its about taking your average American, and seeing how long he last against human meat eating machines in there native lands. I'm the first to go, wish me luck. Lights, Camera, action!!

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