Monday, October 29, 2007

The Alien General with a name unpronounceable to our human language stood facing out the U.F.O's large view scanner. The planet Earth was only a few minutes away. His people had visited many years ago, and decided that this was a planet ripe for destroying. The Earthlings were already doing such a fine job at it, that the aliens species should find world domination quite simple. Earthlings hated each other to the point of causing terrible acts to their own kind. For simply having a different color skin, or believing in a different deity. The Aliens found all this to be laughable, since they were a race united. Nothing ever minor could divide them like the human fools. Now they would show the strength of that unity.

Upon hitting Earths atmosphere they noticed an odd change from last time they visited this planet. Great shapes of smoke filled the deep blue sky, changing the color to an ash grey. The tall buildings that the humans resided in lay toppled or burning in mountains of flame. The Alien General spoke to his pilots to bring him closer to the land. Slowly he could make out the shapes of the humans, but now they were different. Their body's were decaying, but still they moved. Arms now raised to the alien crafts, as maggots fell from the human bites on their flesh. Their teeth biting into the putrid air, begging for nourishment. The humans, were now just walking dead. Finally the sins of their living existence had punished them. No longer did they care about color , or religion. Now they all only cared about the hunger. Finally they were united enough to fend of any and all attacks from the Aliens. Sadly it just took them all to be dead first.

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