Monday, June 30, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

I created this for an up coming art show at the Hive gallery in L.A...

Fu dog tattoo design

I started this Fu Dog drawing this last weekend, while visiting the future in-laws in Chicago. But I finished it tonight while listening to some Ennio Morricone... Great music to draw to. I've been really battling some creative issues... There has been some time recently, I've even debated just quitting... But tonight... Tonight I was happy to push through with this... Small battles... Just start with small battles...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tattoo designs, Maleficent fan art, and paintings...

 I saw an old photo of a women covered in bees... I wanted to create the same effect, but have her still keep a look of calm to her. Less panic, and more acceptance of the horrible things around her.
 A new piece of tattoo flash. I hope I get to tattoo the crocodile on someone soon.. It would be a real fun piece to do.
 My fiance took me out to see the Maleficent movie. I was very pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. Really good movie!

Just a design for the shop... Come visit, and say hi...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dr. Sketchy Dayton

I got to go to Dr. Sketchys in Dayton, OH. last night... I had  great time, and hope to do it again sometime soon.. Here is some of the drawings I made from the poses.