Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Art trade

                         My trade with the amazing comic book illustrator Brian Demeter.

Lexington Comic and Toy expo/ Cleveland Wizard-con

 This is me at my booth in Lexington. This was certainly one of the funnest times I've ever had at a comic-con. I hung out with some of the artist I've always looked up to, I drank some of the finest bourbon I have ever tasted. Plus well let's just say I have some good stories to tell for years due to this con.

                                                My live art new school Ghost Rider piece.

Diver 77

 Diver 77 is officially finished!!! Here's the cover of the book. Feel free to email
me at to order an issue. It's $5 (including shipping and handling.)
My newest professionally printed stickers. They are $2 each(includes shipping and handling.) Feel free to email me at for your orders.

New celtic tattoo and healed bird tattoo.

 I added a new Celtic floral wreath to an already existing tattoo on Jason a few weeks back.
Later that same day I ran into a old client who showed me one of my tattoos I did about two years ago. Glad it healed so good.

Art and photos from a recent visit to the Art Muesum.

I recently went to the Art Museums show about samurais and the artistry of their armor. It was a very inspiring exhibit, and I couldn't help not doing some live sketching at it.

Dr. Sketchy/ sketchbook pages

                            Some girl-heads, lettering, and Oni practice from the blackbook.

                        These four drawing are from a recent visit to Dr. Sketchy's in Dayton.

                                        Some figure drawings from a drawing class online.

                                                                Vampira late night sketch.

Some new paintings and work from the sketchbook.

 I drew this after a few rough dates from different girls on Tinder. My dating life is a bit crazy right now, but I'm sure the right girl will eventually show up. Till then at least I get some fun stories to tell the friends.
                 A little sketch of the Incredible Hulk  I drew while killing time in Cleveland.
                            A collage piece with an amazing drawing from the great Jack Kirby.
                                                        " Aethra searches for Poseidon"
                                              Another marker drawing from my sketchbook.
                                                           A late night rose painting.
This is loosely based off of a clothing pattern I saw ages ago on a Hokusai print... Cause you know... Cats.