Sunday, September 18, 2016

mermaid tattoo

mermaid tattoos color tattoo
                               A really fun tattoo I finished up. Even better this is based on one of my "Carl Von Grumpadump" paintings.

Tommy End fan art.

I got the pleasure to meet one of my favorite pro-wrestlers Tommy End late last month. Even better I got to give him a piece of fan I drew him. He was really surprised and genuinely thankful for it. It's awesome when you meet someone who you are a fan of what they do, and they turn out to be a cool person.

Cincycomicon photos

 Cincy Comic-con was last weekend. I shared a table with the Knife Edge Chop podcast crew and fellow Kneel 2 No 1 artist Tank.

space riders comic book
 I got to pick up the Space Riders trade ( my original copy was swiped by some girl I met off of Tinder... lol.) I also created this sketch of one of the characters that I gave to Alexis Ziritt( The artist of the book.)
           I also got to meet the creator of Verdugo. Thus this small piece of fan art I gave him.

 She was probably the cutest and spunkiness of all the Harley Quinns I saw over the weekend... Which was probably 80% of the cos-players.

joker harley quinn cosplay
 These two stayed in character the whole time they stopped at our table. I was really impressed.
batgirl cosplay
                      I love this version of Batgirl. I totally need to draw a pinup of her.

Some of my newest sketches, drawings, and collage pieces from my sketchbook.

 Just some random sketches from the black-book.
Ink and blue marker sketch from last night. Still trying to work on my framing and design skills. Long process, but I can see improvements here and there.
harley quinn suicide squad copic marker sketch
                                                A new sketch, date night Harley Quinn
                  A design for a local pro-wrestler. I'll have more on this once it debuts.
 A sketchbook drawing of a cute hippie girl I cleaned up in Photoshop. Just something fun.
cat kitten cat tatoo kitten tattoo grim reaper
                             My newest sticker design. Who doesn't love a grim reaper kitten.
Hylia Suicide link Legend of Zelda illustration
                                   A sexy Link drawing loosely based on Hylia suicide. Signed under my old comic book alias Barclay Jordan.
                                                           A rough for an upcoming tattoo.
 A really fun to draw collage mixing an old Playboy cover and some tattoo technique. Thus this cool page.
                                            A collage/tag page from my recent sketchbook.
                  A Kneel 2 No 1 drawing. This is the name of the live art group I'm into.
 A buddy of mine asked me to flesh out a concept he had. Thus this cartoon robot.
Another old playboy photo I collaged in my sketchbook. Then later I drew the Scarlet Witch based on the pose.

Some of my newest sketches, drawings, and collage pieces from my sketchbook.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Finn Balor, Cat Woman, and some Japanese demon fan art.

 I never get tired of drawing Cat Woman. Especially with the Darwyn Cooke design. I find myself studying his art more and more the last few months.
 Finn Balor is one of my favorite pro-wrestlers. So it was a no brainer to do some fan art for his upcoming Summer Slam main event.
This is based off a statue I saw at the Chicago Art Institute. I got so many great reference pics, from my recent trip.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Live art from the last weekend.

 This last Thursday night Tank and I rocked out some live art at the super cool Eightball Brewery.

            Then Saturday we collaborated on this beast together at the Fibonacci Brewery.

 Afterwards I got to visit an amazing show of local illustrators at the Flats Art Gallery. It was a very busy but exciting weekend.

Celtic knot tattoo.

My client and good friend Jason came to finally re-vamp his 20 year old original Celtic knot arm band.We just re-bumped up the previous design and added some color to unify it with his other pieces.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Angel tattoo sketch idea.

A piece I created for an art trade with  a very talented illustrator in my area.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cincinnati tribute painting.

I finally finished the under painting for my Cincinnati tribute painting. Now onto the final process of coloring this beast!

Three new luchtime sketches.

Three of my newest lunchtime sketches. I love the freedom I give myself on these. Just plain fun!

Pokemon go fan art..

So I've become addicted to the new Pokemon game... Like anything else I'm into, I've sketched some fan art. So here's a Magikarp and Pikachu drawing.