Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is the final of my Cage Fighting series. I originally wanted to do a picture of a fighter locking in an armbar. But in the end I went with the triangle choke. It's one of my favorite submissions. It's just so pretty.
This is the black and white picture of Poison Ivy. I'm planning to hit her up with some marker and color pencil love soon.

This was for last Sundays art challenge. It's Elvis Vs. something in the badlands of Vegas.

Now that I have a beard, I feel that all my skull drawings should have one to.

Batgirl...IN COLOR. She's my girl!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

UMMMMMM, Batgirl.
This is a postal sticker all jacked up with marker and color pencil. Just fun stuff!

The third of my cage fighter pictures, I wanted to do one about women fighters. The UFC doesn't want to promote female fighters, for who knows what reason. I personally think this is foolish. These girls have great fights normally outclassing the male fighters. They're speed,and attention to technique should be applauded. It's a shame they don't get more respect.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Playing with a red sharpie on a new t-shirt design.
A gas mask sketch.

I bought some junk dollar highlighters at the store about a week ago. I've been playing with them and a precision pen in my sketchbook lately.

Another highlighter and pen sketch.

Wow, a over inked skull-guy drawn by me. Who would have guessed??

Vikings are cool, nuff said!

Red Sharpie bouncer.

Just playing again. I like the emo-ish statement.

I went to the local Art Museum about two weeks ago. Just did a few quick brush sketches. This is one of them.

big hand red Sharpie Abe Lincoln....sorta.

Another of the museum sketches.

I saw this guy in a crummy little hick bar over the summer. The bottom picture on the left I drew to remember what he looked like. The larger picture I sketched the other day from that.

A small painting I did for fun.

The two cage fighting pictures are from a set of four, I'm working on for promotional work. Since I'm a martial artist, along with a visual one. This was a good way to show both of my loves. I'll be the first to state I have never been in a cage fight. But I am planning to be in one, hopefully in the next year. I'm not doing it to pretend that I'm some kind of bad ass or something. I'm doing it to test my skills, and to express my self through a combative sport. Oddly, the only thing I can compare it to is like having a gallery show. You work so hard on your art, then you naturally want the world to see it. Then again maybe that's just me..