Sunday, October 23, 2016

New tattoo flash.

Just a new piece of tattoo flash. I'm planning to create a new series of flash in the next few months. I've been missing painting flash for awhile.

Some new tattoo work.

 My good friend and client Grimace recently started some new work with me. We just finished the line work, but are planning to get some color in these works soon.
A recent anti-Trump illustration being printed in a zine later this month.

Cartoon Crossroads and Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Muesum.

Some photos from a recent road trip to Columbus for the Cartoon Crossroad convention and Billy Ireland's cartoon Library and Museum. This was such a fun trip, ending with being able to view such amazing works in comics.

More Inktober illustrations.

                                       Some more of this months Inktober illustrations.

Cincinnati comic Expo pics.

 My Niece Faith went to her first comic book convention a few weeks ago. Tp celebrate I gave her the original Wonder Woman flash page I made about a year ago.

                                         A few pictures of the amazing cosplay at the con.
                                        Of course I have to take a photo with Doctor Doom.

Inktober drawings.

Some of the Inktober drawings I have sketched out this last month.