Monday, October 22, 2007

The crickets were chirping very loudly on that warm summer night. It was like they were trying to warn each other of the pending doom that was about to happen around them. The German town of Hamelin, was resting very easily into a star lit night, when a loud flute could be heard. It was a sound the old folks widened their eyes to. The sound that their grandparents would mimic to them in scary stories. The Piper had come back! But he did not come to steal more children, to take to who knows where. No, now many years from his evil deed. The Pied Piper of old, was returning the children he once stole. No longer small wide eyed laughing boys and girls. But not grown adults either. These were something in between. Stuck in a no age of sorts. There eyes missing, there voices slow and quiet. Tongues speaking in unison. Whispering to all that could hear. Then as the words hit the towns folk ears, a strange thing happened. They heaved and screamed, as their bodies just pulled in every direction. All until their flesh burst in tidal waves of crimson and bone. Lost children were not the punishment of the Pied Piper, no this was his true punishment. Once the children had finished with Hamelin, they turned their eyeless heads to the Piper. His long figure dressed in ancient green wardrobe, leaned against a bloody brick wall.

"Well, let's not stop here children." he said with a devilish grin." There's a whole world that needs to hear our song!"

With that, 130 lost children turned to the vast skyline. Then began walking. There was many more to hear their whispers. There was many more to hear the Pipers song.

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