Saturday, June 10, 2006

Alright, I'm in a local pizza restraunt last night with a few friends. Then two of them go into this insane story, that honestly never needs to be repeated again. But in the middle of their rant, they gave me the idea to doodle this thing. So here you go guys, here's your Cici Chulu.
By the way the little creatures biting it, are its kids. Its how they hold on when it travels. Bizarro is, and always will be my favorite Superman charactor. He's like Frankenstein with a whole lot of super powers. I tried to convey a more horror like element to this illustration. Honestly, if all of the Superman villians were real this guy would be the truly scary one.

Drawing girls and tattoos, are two of my favorite things. I've had this penciled in my sketchbook for some time. Just finally decided to ink the thing.