Sunday, February 12, 2017

A whole slew of new up girls, tattoo designs,mermaids, and fantasy wrestlers.

                                            A new design for the podcast Knife Edge Chop.
                                                   I've always been a sucker for dancers...
                  Sometimes you just get sad and miss people who don't come around anymore.
                                  For my homie and bad ass indy. pro-wrestler Dave Christ.
                                                              A commission for a friend.
                                Just a fun blank cover illustration of my main girl Harley Quinn.

                                         Some still life drawing from a local drawing night.
                                                   I could draw sexy mermaids for days...
                                         A design I illustrated for a role playing game store.
                                                       Sexy gypsy lady... Just for fun.
                                                                   A sad painting...