Saturday, October 27, 2007

Alex Fitzwell finally fell in true love the summer of 78. Lisa Ribbons was the town outcast, who stole Alex's heart. It was like no other relationship he had ever had with a girl before. But before they could leave their life in small town Wilmington. The local preacher Jones swarmed a posse of angry town folk. He screamed and preached against poor Lisa. Saying that she was an evil witch. That some day she would bring doom and death to the town. The crowd arose to find, and kill Lisa. Bringing her to the towns square, they tied her small body to a large wooden pole. Then minutes later, she could feel the heat from the fires they began. Racing to save her, Alex was tackled to the hard gravel road. His screams echoed through the buildings of Wilmington. All he could do, was watch her burn. Then with the exhale of her final breadth. Alex felt the gnawing pain in his chest. In fact Lisa was a witch. A special spell, she put on his heart. It was for him to love her for all of their life. Now with her death, his heart just left him.

But he did not perish. He was reborn as something new. "The Heartless", a beast with no feelings towards love or compassion. Just a numbness, and a thirst for vengeance. The people of Wilmington, would never know peace now. For in killing a witch, they gave birth to something far far worse.

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