Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jerry Lawson, could swear her name was something like Candy, or Cindy, or something like that. The loud thumping music bouncing off the strip club walls, was way to much for Jerry's ears. All he knew is that next to his piggish, somewhat smelly body, stood a goddess. Well at least one who would give him a lap dance for 30 bucks. Whatever her name was, was smiling a smile that would make Hitlers heart melt. Her coal black hair bounced over her shoulders as she took him by the hand, and walked him slowly into a dark corridor to a private room. Jerry's breath was beginning to shorten. He never felt comfortable around pretty girls. A youth spent, shyly in t.v. He was more suited to view them on sitcoms, then talk to them out in public. Now he was to have this beautiful woman with the body molded out of rock, dance for him. Finally they reached the room decorated in crimson rugs, and softly lit candles. It was a lot more fancy then Jerry honestly thought it would be. But hey, he wasn't there to pay attention to the drapes. The girl sat poor Jerry down in a Black sofa on the farthest wall.

"You comfy" she asked. Her sweet voice giving away the fact that this was a real live breathing girl. Not just some sex object for Jerry to stare at. Unfortunately Jerry was more comfortable to just look at her. He hated to talk to them.

The girl just grunted to the lack of response from Jerry. Slowly she walked away swaying her hips like a grandfather clock pendulum. Suddenly she began to loosen her neck, and break into a long drawn out array of movement. Jerry couldn't take his eyes of her. It was like tracers of shadow began to follow the barley clothed figure in front of him. Her dark eyes now lit up, like the candles that illuminated the room. Her long legs coiled around the air something like when a big boa snatches its prey. In this moment Jerry Lawson knew what love was. He would have given Candy, Cindy, whatever everything he owned. Forget the 30 bucks, Jerry wanted to give her all the money he ever held in his hands. All he wanted was her.

Unfortunately all she wanted from him was his life. See, the dance Sinthia was doing was not to seduce Jerry for his money. No, it was an ancient dance to call up the only one who ever truly loved her. The dark being from the other side.He had stolen her heart, as she had stolen his, many many moons ago. But the only way they could ever see each other was to have a sacrifice. With a quick jab with an icepick to the back of Jerry's head. They had their sacrifice. That was Jerry Lawson's final mistake on this big blue marble called Earth. He found the stripper in love with something, that never was from this Earth.

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