Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Adele", named after an old friend.
"Life's not a bitch, it's a beautiful woman" named after a lyric in an Aesop Rock song.

"Thug Life"

Just some pictures of my three paintings on display at the Levee show.

At the Art on the Levee, More than Ink show. Doug Meyer, Cathy Craig, and I created "live art" in front of the gallery. I got so lost in painting, my hand wound up becoming On the last day of the show. Someone bought the piece, from the gallery.

Well, in usual Jaimie Filer fashion. I've recently had my heart broken...again. Honestly, I should become a monk!! lol.. But at least I have an outlet, my art. These are about her. I've been lucky to meet beautiful wonderful women, and to create great memories with them. Just hoping one day, one of them will choose not to leave. So the rest of my work, will just be about her.

Self portrait, I created this while dealing with the stress of the move.

Finally I'm back!!! I moved to my new apartment in the beginning of February. Somehow completely losing all my chords for my scanners. Well, now the problem is solved. So I can begin posting again. These are two new darwings from the March Dr. Sketchy's event.