Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Some new tattoos

                                                A fun tattoo I did on my good friend Iann.
                                          A fun black work fox that I got to do this last week.
                                  I finally got a good healed picture of my Moms tattooed foot.

Tattoo paintings

                                                              "Lost among the tides."
                         My submission for The Red Door Project Beer and Beers art show.
                                             Just a little devil head painting I did this weekend.

                                                        A little voodoo doll painting.

                                                            "Like a moth to the flame."
       For tattoo appointments/commission info you can PM me on here. Or you can email me at 

Pro- wrestling art

 One time last week, Fatboy possessed the cybernetic body of the late great Andre the Giant. After about three hours of mayhem involving a united dairy farmers, a sponge, and two missing cows, we were finally able to settle the little guy down. But he did inspire me to create some fun pro-wrestling art.
Andre the giant, pro wrestling, wwe, wwf
 "Andre the Giant" This sketch is heavily influenced by one of my favorite Dale Keown "Incredible Hulk" comic covers.

koko B. Ware, wwe, pro-wrestling
                                        The birdman of the original WWF... Koko B. Ware.

hacksaw jim duggan, pro wrestling akira

                That time Hacksaw Jim Duggan was a stunt double for Tetsuo Shima in Akira...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Celtic arm tattoos.

I got to add some fun wolves to Jason's Celtic arm design last week. These have all been a challenge, but it's nice to start to see it all come together. I have some time this week, and early next week for tattoos. You can PM me on here. Or you can email me at Have a great day, and try to be kind to each other.

Thursday, August 06, 2015