Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lord Humungus tattoo, and a few other designs.

       A Derby design a friend got, for his girl. She plays on the Cincinnati Roller Girls.
        I find myself tattooing a ton of bird designs. Which is cool with me, I love tattooing birds.
                I don't get to do much black and grey work. So I really enjoy it, when I get it.
                                               A Lord Humungus tattoo on my Homie.
                                                      A classic design, really fun to do.

Biz Markie, Hello Kidney, and a few other tattoo designs...

 A large scary crow for one of my favorite clients. we are currently working on a bird sleeve for her.
 My good friend Iann asked for a Biz Markie filler tattoo... This was super fun to do.
 I put another flower on a clients leg...
 Another bird tattoo. But on a different client.
A hello Kidney tattoo...

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Medieval Game of Thrones/ Dungeons and Dragons inspired tattoo flash

I've fallen in love with designing Game of thrones/Dungeons and Dragons like flash pages lately. Nothing cooler then scary knights, and skull designs.