Thursday, October 25, 2007

Across the cool mountains, in deep Southern Kentucky. Walks a beast like no other. It is a "Bearetti,"Long lost love child of a large mother black bear,and a male yeti. Both fell in love one full moon night. Their cold black eyes met while chasing the same family of campers. They failed to speak the same type of grunts, but love has its own type of language. It didn't take long for both to connect in a inseparable bond . Their hatred for humans beings. Yet healthy taste for human flesh. Kept them hunting and mauling all who were in there way. They were truly meant to be together forever. Then with the birth of their son, well it was the sign off their all blissful love. So if your traveling into those woods one fateful night. Make sure to listen for that dreadful noise of the Bearetti, or its parents.

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