Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jacob Jolie stood in the small store named "Lost Wonders." His tall limber body stretched over to get a better look at the "small wonder" he just spotted. Inside an old yellowish jar bobbed a small shrunken head. Its eyes and lips sewn with some type of brown chord. Jacobs bottom jaw slowly dropped as he investigated the piece. Next to him an elderly woman stepped up
" Anything I can help you with" she asked with a wide smile.
" Is that, is that real" Jacob questioned pointing to the jar.
"Sure is"the woman said, now placing a worn wrinkled hand on the jars lid." I got this many years ago"
"Wow" Jacob said " It really is cool."
" Well thank ya, dear." the woman said. Suddenly, another customer raised her voice behind them. "Well looks like I'm needed. Let me know if you need any help, dear."
With that, she slowly walked to help price another item for a woman.
Jacobs blue eyes narrowed as the old woman walked away. He wanted the head, he needed the head. It was just so cool!! But he didn't have a dime to eat on, much less enough money to by this. Quickly, he shoved the jar inside his brown coat. Then he turned to the door. Suddenly, a sharp pain stinged his neck. Within a few steps, he felt his eyelids getting heavy. His breadth was harder, and all of a sudden all he wanted to do was sleep. Then, darkness.
A few days later, a young Justine Harper stepped into the shop named "Lost Wonders". She gazed through the books, toys and what nots. Finally , she came on two amazing sites. There was two twin jars standing next to each other. Both with shrunken heads. A little old woman stood next to them.
"Neat, hmmm dear." the woman said.
Uhh, yeah." Justine said, a little taken back" Are they old?"
"Well, one I've had for awhile." smiled the old woman" But the other one I just added to my collection."
With that she lifted the yellow container with Jacob Jolie's shrunken head bobbing inside.

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