Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about this!!
Some character design stuff.
I think the title says it all.

A friend of mine found this idea so funny, she laughed for about five minutes. I found it funny enough to draw in twenty.
No clue as to why I gave her a fish foot.
Robots are everywhere.

Drawn with a dying sharpie.

If Wendy and the Joker had a daughter...I think this might be it.
These top four are my latest Dr. sketchy batch.

This is a new T-shirt idea. I like the idea of something so cute, being so deadly.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Last night, I got to collaborate with the amazing artist Amalie Jurczak. She's going to be the next "big artist" in the lowbrow scene. I'm just glad she wanted to rock out some pics with me... She's just a super cool five year old!!

Hello kitty is a straight up gangsta!!
A Chipotle menu, I rocked out on.
Fat kid with a face tattoo.

I made some random shapes with a sharpie. Then drew these faces from them.

Phil the angry old cat sleeping.

Hex, and Phil.

I started this piece about a month ago. Just finally got around to finishing it. The words are from a very sad song, by The Avett Brothers.
Drunk trees are scary.

So are very fat MMA fighters.

I drew this while listening to Alkaline Trio. That's where the "Over and Out" come from.


Just some hand gesture drawings.
A quick sketch of Molly Crabbapple. Artist, and creator of Dr. Sketchys. Also, my future wife...hey, I can dream.

Drew this at Mr. Pitifuls bar, at last Final Friday. I was enjoying conversation, with a half drunk Doug Meyer. We talked about evil doppelgangers.

Drew this on a Donattos pizza receipt. I'll draw on anything.

Working out, some new work out ideas for Ju-jitsu. Then I started sketching this Frankenstein.

This is actually a promotional piece, I drew at Starbucks. planning on making postcards of it.
This very pretty girl ran in, to get her afternoon coffee. Maydak and I, both took time out of our drawings to check her out. I figured I might as well do a sketch of her.

A big nose guy.

Random insanity drawn in my secret Starbucks, I refuse to tell anyone where it is!! I always say you can tell what an artist likes, by looking at their work long enough. It shouldn't take you that long, to figure me

Concept challenge given to me by Mike Maydak. " Draw a ninja, who's a sock."

Space cowboy.

Wanted to draw a Oni demon/ aviator. Didn't turn out as I liked. So I just kept drawing. The words are from a Neil Young song, playing in the shop.

This guy was drinking in the shop, as I drew.

Three new Dr. Sketchy drawings.

I was at a bar with Doug and Cathy Meyer a few weeks ago. I asked Dougie, what concept I should do a sketch of. He said " Viking turtles!" A few days later, I was chilling in Sitwells Coffee house drawing this. No matter what you do. A turtle picture, will always look like Teenage Mutant Ninja
A drawing of Buddha, from the Cincinnati Art Museum. Some guy saw me drawing this, and asked if I'm a tattooist. I'm afraid not.

Hell's Angels, have feelings too...I think.

My own concept drawing ,of a heavily tattooed, old school barber.

Concept drawing of...something. I have no clue what that thing is.