Sunday, October 27, 2013

circus painting

I was wasting time on the computer the other day, when I came upon some vintage circus photos... to tell you the truth, they were creepy as hell... But they made me want to create this painting.... I kept the clowns posture very simple... Almost like he's bored. Not for sure if it means anything.. But I always wonder if I do that as a subconscious choice... Who knows.. In the end... I like the finished product... So there we go.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Tattoo Flash

One part of a tattoo apprenticeship is to create flash -- lots of flash.
Mountains, and mountains of watercolor paper... all filled with roses, skulls, and other thing. Things screaming to be permanently fused to skin... to walk with a living soul... to be with them till death.
Illustrated tales to tell their friends, and family...  scars of true love, pain, or maybe just a wild night. Markers of mastery over pain...

I'm working hard for the honor of giving them that -- for doing the work of Shamans, circus workers, and sailors.


A portrait of He-Mans mortal enemy... Skeletor!!!!!! My lovely girlfriend believes that he was the good guy in the show... Says that prince Adam, probably was a total tool... I kinda agree...

I paint a hell of a lot of roses!!!!!

 A western themed painting... Loosely based on the song " The yellow rose of Texas."
 A scary zombie version of the Gypsy woman tattoo design...
A ghost coming from a smoking skulls pipe smoke... No real clue as to the narrative for this one... Just found the image kinda funny... I'm really happy how the skull came out.

Friday, October 04, 2013


A portrait of the great Poseidon!!!!