Friday, December 23, 2016

Krampus holiday card

Happy Holidays everybody. Whatever you celebrate.. Enjoy it and value the time with those around you!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Tattoo dragons, Wonder Woman fanart, tattoo flash, and fun commissions.

     A really fun commission I did for a friend. It's a picture of his niece battling ninjas.
                            A Chinese dragon sketch that's getting turned into a mural.
 I have this 11x17 watercolor sketchbook that I'm not really a fan of. So I for some reason or another, I decided I still needed to create in it. So it's where I draw my marker illustrations now. Thus this page of random fun tattoo designs.
                  A fun Wonder Woman blank cover illustration I created for a Christmas gift.


A few of my recent photos from a day trip to Columbus last weekend. Super fun time with a great friend.

Downtown Cincinnati.

A adorable picture of Fatboy... Just because.

 I got to visit an old friend at the downtown Library. I really miss my time working at the Museum. seeing all those wonders as a worker was an experience I'll never forget.

These are some pics from a recent walk about through downtown Cincinnati. Plus a neurotic coffee cup sketch from my experience at the local coffee shop. 

Thursday, December 08, 2016

A new illustration from my sketchbook.

Ending a super long day sketching at Starbucks. I started this a few weeks ago when a family member passed. A reminder of what awaits us all. Don't leave this rock with regrets, don't leave it without lots of stories, and please don't leave it without making sure everyone you care about knows you love them. If you can do that. It's a life well spent.

Comic pages of Diver 77.

 So I've been blasting through pages on my newest comic book Diver 77. I'm hoping to have the final book illustrated, colored, and printed in early 2017.  It's been a story festering in my head for years, and finally I've made the goal to get it done. Comics are hard for me. It's a medium I've enjoyed since I was young kid. So when I make them... I just want them to be perfect. Which of course nothing ever is. But either way. This story will be finished.