Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Two birthday paintings done for friends.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New paintings done for a collector.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Just some playing around.

Friday, November 02, 2007


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Just a nude drawing from my sketchbook. The brown is from soy sauce.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The witch raised her grimy green tinted hand, and made one loud growling sentence.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jacob Jolie stood in the small store named "Lost Wonders." His tall limber body stretched over to get a better look at the "small wonder" he just spotted. Inside an old yellowish jar bobbed a small shrunken head. Its eyes and lips sewn with some type of brown chord. Jacobs bottom jaw slowly dropped as he investigated the piece. Next to him an elderly woman stepped up
" Anything I can help you with" she asked with a wide smile.
" Is that, is that real" Jacob questioned pointing to the jar.
"Sure is"the woman said, now placing a worn wrinkled hand on the jars lid." I got this many years ago"
"Wow" Jacob said " It really is cool."
" Well thank ya, dear." the woman said. Suddenly, another customer raised her voice behind them. "Well looks like I'm needed. Let me know if you need any help, dear."
With that, she slowly walked to help price another item for a woman.
Jacobs blue eyes narrowed as the old woman walked away. He wanted the head, he needed the head. It was just so cool!! But he didn't have a dime to eat on, much less enough money to by this. Quickly, he shoved the jar inside his brown coat. Then he turned to the door. Suddenly, a sharp pain stinged his neck. Within a few steps, he felt his eyelids getting heavy. His breadth was harder, and all of a sudden all he wanted to do was sleep. Then, darkness.
A few days later, a young Justine Harper stepped into the shop named "Lost Wonders". She gazed through the books, toys and what nots. Finally , she came on two amazing sites. There was two twin jars standing next to each other. Both with shrunken heads. A little old woman stood next to them.
"Neat, hmmm dear." the woman said.
Uhh, yeah." Justine said, a little taken back" Are they old?"
"Well, one I've had for awhile." smiled the old woman" But the other one I just added to my collection."
With that she lifted the yellow container with Jacob Jolie's shrunken head bobbing inside.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Alien General with a name unpronounceable to our human language stood facing out the U.F.O's large view scanner. The planet Earth was only a few minutes away. His people had visited many years ago, and decided that this was a planet ripe for destroying. The Earthlings were already doing such a fine job at it, that the aliens species should find world domination quite simple. Earthlings hated each other to the point of causing terrible acts to their own kind. For simply having a different color skin, or believing in a different deity. The Aliens found all this to be laughable, since they were a race united. Nothing ever minor could divide them like the human fools. Now they would show the strength of that unity.

Upon hitting Earths atmosphere they noticed an odd change from last time they visited this planet. Great shapes of smoke filled the deep blue sky, changing the color to an ash grey. The tall buildings that the humans resided in lay toppled or burning in mountains of flame. The Alien General spoke to his pilots to bring him closer to the land. Slowly he could make out the shapes of the humans, but now they were different. Their body's were decaying, but still they moved. Arms now raised to the alien crafts, as maggots fell from the human bites on their flesh. Their teeth biting into the putrid air, begging for nourishment. The humans, were now just walking dead. Finally the sins of their living existence had punished them. No longer did they care about color , or religion. Now they all only cared about the hunger. Finally they were united enough to fend of any and all attacks from the Aliens. Sadly it just took them all to be dead first.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ummmmm, just a little more. Just a little more.
Yes, that's it. Good shovel, good shovel!! Doctor will love the new parts, yes, fresh parts. Ummm, now that's still good toes you have there fella. Hope you don't mind me taking them.
Thanks buddy, yeah, now those are some good toes. throw them in the bag. toes, meet the arms and legs. You'll all be good friends. Um, good friends. Just like me and Doctor. Good friends.
Just split the chest open, and see what we see.
Wow, your really fresh!! Organs, still looking good. Let me grab little of these and these. Whoa, slippery fellas ain't ya. Now just get in the bag.
hmm, been a good night. Doctor gonna like his new parts. Doctor gonna use em real good.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Alex Fitzwell finally fell in true love the summer of 78. Lisa Ribbons was the town outcast, who stole Alex's heart. It was like no other relationship he had ever had with a girl before. But before they could leave their life in small town Wilmington. The local preacher Jones swarmed a posse of angry town folk. He screamed and preached against poor Lisa. Saying that she was an evil witch. That some day she would bring doom and death to the town. The crowd arose to find, and kill Lisa. Bringing her to the towns square, they tied her small body to a large wooden pole. Then minutes later, she could feel the heat from the fires they began. Racing to save her, Alex was tackled to the hard gravel road. His screams echoed through the buildings of Wilmington. All he could do, was watch her burn. Then with the exhale of her final breadth. Alex felt the gnawing pain in his chest. In fact Lisa was a witch. A special spell, she put on his heart. It was for him to love her for all of their life. Now with her death, his heart just left him.

But he did not perish. He was reborn as something new. "The Heartless", a beast with no feelings towards love or compassion. Just a numbness, and a thirst for vengeance. The people of Wilmington, would never know peace now. For in killing a witch, they gave birth to something far far worse.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Once there was a very very bad man. He didn't like children, he always wanted to hurt them.
But he made the bad mistake, of trying to hurt me and Zoe my bear.
But Zoe did his special surprise. The bad man was never seen from again.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Across the cool mountains, in deep Southern Kentucky. Walks a beast like no other. It is a "Bearetti,"Long lost love child of a large mother black bear,and a male yeti. Both fell in love one full moon night. Their cold black eyes met while chasing the same family of campers. They failed to speak the same type of grunts, but love has its own type of language. It didn't take long for both to connect in a inseparable bond . Their hatred for humans beings. Yet healthy taste for human flesh. Kept them hunting and mauling all who were in there way. They were truly meant to be together forever. Then with the birth of their son, well it was the sign off their all blissful love. So if your traveling into those woods one fateful night. Make sure to listen for that dreadful noise of the Bearetti, or its parents.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jerry Lawson, could swear her name was something like Candy, or Cindy, or something like that. The loud thumping music bouncing off the strip club walls, was way to much for Jerry's ears. All he knew is that next to his piggish, somewhat smelly body, stood a goddess. Well at least one who would give him a lap dance for 30 bucks. Whatever her name was, was smiling a smile that would make Hitlers heart melt. Her coal black hair bounced over her shoulders as she took him by the hand, and walked him slowly into a dark corridor to a private room. Jerry's breath was beginning to shorten. He never felt comfortable around pretty girls. A youth spent, shyly in t.v. He was more suited to view them on sitcoms, then talk to them out in public. Now he was to have this beautiful woman with the body molded out of rock, dance for him. Finally they reached the room decorated in crimson rugs, and softly lit candles. It was a lot more fancy then Jerry honestly thought it would be. But hey, he wasn't there to pay attention to the drapes. The girl sat poor Jerry down in a Black sofa on the farthest wall.

"You comfy" she asked. Her sweet voice giving away the fact that this was a real live breathing girl. Not just some sex object for Jerry to stare at. Unfortunately Jerry was more comfortable to just look at her. He hated to talk to them.

The girl just grunted to the lack of response from Jerry. Slowly she walked away swaying her hips like a grandfather clock pendulum. Suddenly she began to loosen her neck, and break into a long drawn out array of movement. Jerry couldn't take his eyes of her. It was like tracers of shadow began to follow the barley clothed figure in front of him. Her dark eyes now lit up, like the candles that illuminated the room. Her long legs coiled around the air something like when a big boa snatches its prey. In this moment Jerry Lawson knew what love was. He would have given Candy, Cindy, whatever everything he owned. Forget the 30 bucks, Jerry wanted to give her all the money he ever held in his hands. All he wanted was her.

Unfortunately all she wanted from him was his life. See, the dance Sinthia was doing was not to seduce Jerry for his money. No, it was an ancient dance to call up the only one who ever truly loved her. The dark being from the other side.He had stolen her heart, as she had stolen his, many many moons ago. But the only way they could ever see each other was to have a sacrifice. With a quick jab with an icepick to the back of Jerry's head. They had their sacrifice. That was Jerry Lawson's final mistake on this big blue marble called Earth. He found the stripper in love with something, that never was from this Earth.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In a dark and gloomy graveyard south of the border. There stands El Cráneo, the Heavy Weight Champion of Hell. No vile vampiro, no evil demonio, not even a pack of autómatas, stand a chance against El Cráneo. Battling to keep all these evil beast in the vile fires of Hades. El Cráneo, keeps us safe one graveyard at a time.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The crickets were chirping very loudly on that warm summer night. It was like they were trying to warn each other of the pending doom that was about to happen around them. The German town of Hamelin, was resting very easily into a star lit night, when a loud flute could be heard. It was a sound the old folks widened their eyes to. The sound that their grandparents would mimic to them in scary stories. The Piper had come back! But he did not come to steal more children, to take to who knows where. No, now many years from his evil deed. The Pied Piper of old, was returning the children he once stole. No longer small wide eyed laughing boys and girls. But not grown adults either. These were something in between. Stuck in a no age of sorts. There eyes missing, there voices slow and quiet. Tongues speaking in unison. Whispering to all that could hear. Then as the words hit the towns folk ears, a strange thing happened. They heaved and screamed, as their bodies just pulled in every direction. All until their flesh burst in tidal waves of crimson and bone. Lost children were not the punishment of the Pied Piper, no this was his true punishment. Once the children had finished with Hamelin, they turned their eyeless heads to the Piper. His long figure dressed in ancient green wardrobe, leaned against a bloody brick wall.

"Well, let's not stop here children." he said with a devilish grin." There's a whole world that needs to hear our song!"

With that, 130 lost children turned to the vast skyline. Then began walking. There was many more to hear their whispers. There was many more to hear the Pipers song.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

You know, looking back on it. It was just a plain dumb old idea. Names Parker, you don't need my first name. I'm your average twenty five year old looking to be a star. I tried the Rock-n-Roll thing. I just suck at the music part. I tried to create some cool paintings, but yo, that takes a lot of time. So about a year ago I decided Hollywood was where it was at. So a cheap bus ticket later, I was knee deep in pimps, playas, and fake breasted sweethearts. Course I was still just the average squirrel trying to get a nut. I did all that casting stuff, and really hated it. Got a little luck on some commercial work. But still this "being a star," was such hard work. That was until I found the add for a new reality T.V show. It was called "Starved." That was all the add said. I just showed up to the addition, with a resume and a head shot. A really hot chick with the blackest hair interviewed me for about an hour. I barely remember any questions, I just remember that tight little figure in that tight little blouse. There was a strange smell in the air, it just kind of kept my head light. It reminded me of how I feel when I just wake up from a long sleep. Well, anyways I was called back a few days later. This was it!!My huge break, on a break through television show. Honestly I should have really listened more, or at least read all those contracts I signed. But I spent way more time, checking on all the honeys in that office. Its like they were there, to just keep my mind off what I was doing.. Well, after I signed the final dotted line, the producer(who happens to be the hot black haired chick, her names Lucy.) Well she walks up to me, and just shoves some needle in the side of my neck. I mean in like 3 seconds, it's straight dark. When I open my eyes, well that's the surprise. I am gonna be a star, on T.Vs future breakout hit. The next great television experiment. Its not some idiots on an island, or voting out has been movie stars in some cracked out mansion. No, its about a lovely tribe of cannibals. Its about taking your average American, and seeing how long he last against human meat eating machines in there native lands. I'm the first to go, wish me luck. Lights, Camera, action!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Goooaaaatttssss, gooooaaaaatttssss!!!!!!
Got to, gotta find them. Them taste soooooo ggoood..
Farmer hasss goattsss...mmmm...goats..
mmmmmm,sshharp thinging where goats sshould beee..
AHHHHHH!!!! Hurts, hurts my arm!! Where, where is my arm?? Arms on ground, I'm not on ground!!! Red, red everyyyy where!! Buttt not goatsss reddddd!!
Fine, fine, you can have it. It was a badd arm anywaysssss..
Just give me yourrr goatsss, your tastyyy tastyy goatsssss.....

Friday, October 19, 2007

Finally the Mid Western Eat Off contest of "08" was just starting. Norman Phillips walloped through the crowd, like a whirl wind destroying a string of old country barns.His little greedy eyes peered for the final table on the right. It was the hot dog marathon sign up table. His chubby cheeks glistened with a stream of salty sweat from the August sun. This was his year, his turn to use his one and only true skill to devastate the competition. He would eat more of that fine slender processed meat, then any other challenger could even fathom. It was time for Norman Phillips star to shine.
Just as his meaty right leg began to turn to the direction of the table, he heard a scream. Not a child's lost scream, and/or a scream of passion that Norman only heard on the old VHS tapes his cousin Louie Phillips let him have. No, this was the scream of pure pain. Like a nail gun dislodging a 2 inch sharpened piece of metal in your human body's natural exit cavity. Not the sound that escapes you for years to come.
Unfortunately for Norman and around 60% of the populace with the misfortune of being at the Mid Western Eat Off Contest Of "08" A strange infectious disease arose through the crowd like a tidal wave would destroy some poor fisher mans small wooden boat . Odd enough, the disease( that shall remain nameless, due to its over saturation in pop culture.) reached poor old Norman with a deep hard bite into the soft tissue of his shoulder.
But this is not a tale of horrible events that happened to finish Norman Phillips life, and/or the horrible events that happened his his undead life. No this is a tale of how Norman felt in his strained heart of hearts. How he beset to reach his dream, and the only thing that could stop him was the cold wet death bite of some other wretched infected soul.

See you tomorrow!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just some extra stuff, I had in the sketchbook. Two quick sketches of my friends Doug and Brian. I did these at our Drink and Draw figure drawing class.
Hellboys , Lobster Johnson.
Did this while I was a homies, Pauls house. He was having a grindhouse movie night. There was a horror film called "Black Sheep". Some old fantasy kung-fu flick from Shaw brothers. Then the inspiration for this movie' Black Belt Jones." I love chicks with afros, course the nunchucks don't hurt either.

I took a trip to the Cincinnati Art museum today. Luckily I brought my sketchbook, and just let loose. The Museum has always been my hideout from the rest of the world, for many years. I love the energy I feel every time I step through those large doors.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

This isa ton of drawings from a life drawing party I got the pleasure of attending. I would like to thank my friend Chris Reekers for throwing this event, and also our awesome(and patient) model Amber.
My fellow artist and friend Brian is currently revising his future comic. This is a pin up of one of the main heros Dingo.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just some fast color in Photoshop.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Landlord is a character who will be showing up to cause trouble in Fish Ninjas life.
This here is a drawing of Space Boy from Dark Horse comics The Umbrella Academy. I've been looking forward to this book, since I read there short in there Free Comic Book Day issue.