Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lotus and Dragonfly tattoo, Spider-Gwen and some ofther fan art.

tattoo cincinnati cincinnati tattoo tattoo design lotus tattoo dragonfly tattoo
 My friend Melissa comes into town every year from Arizona. So we make it a point to work on her growing lotus/dragon fly tattoo shoulder tattoo every time she's here..
Veronica archie comics archie afterlife with archie comicbooks jack kirby big barda
 Another Archie/Jack Kirby mash up fan art piece.
blue knight game of thrones girl head tattoo tattoo design
 I'm a huge fan of fantasy and wanted to create my own knight character. I had a real fun time painting this one.
jurassic park jurassic world triceretops dinosaur scary
 This was drawn for a weekly drawing challenge. I've always thought the triceratops had one of the coolest looks of all the dinosaurs.
hipster tiger cincinnati cincinnati tattoo cincinnati artist art artist drawing tiger hipster
 Hipster Maticor... For another drawing challenge.
marvel comics fan art spider gwen fanart geekart dc dc comics spider man
A fan art painting of one of my favorite current comics, Spider Gwen!!!

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