Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cincycomicon photos

 Cincy Comic-con was last weekend. I shared a table with the Knife Edge Chop podcast crew and fellow Kneel 2 No 1 artist Tank.

space riders comic book
 I got to pick up the Space Riders trade ( my original copy was swiped by some girl I met off of Tinder... lol.) I also created this sketch of one of the characters that I gave to Alexis Ziritt( The artist of the book.)
           I also got to meet the creator of Verdugo. Thus this small piece of fan art I gave him.

 She was probably the cutest and spunkiness of all the Harley Quinns I saw over the weekend... Which was probably 80% of the cos-players.

joker harley quinn cosplay
 These two stayed in character the whole time they stopped at our table. I was really impressed.
batgirl cosplay
                      I love this version of Batgirl. I totally need to draw a pinup of her.

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