Monday, December 29, 2008

A few weeks ago my Uncle Buddy died. He had struggled with cancer for a long, long time. Finally it took him. The later years of his life he stayed away from our family, so we wouldn't see him that way. Some of my family doesn't understand that. But I do. He was known for being smart, and business savvy. He worked his tail off. I remember as a kid how he actually had a small room in his and my Aunt Bettie's house, that was nothing but Matchbox cars. There was shelves of them everywhere. He was a cool guy, and I looked up to him (I'm blessed with many great role models, in my family.). I wanted to be a self made man like him. So where ever he is, I hope he knows he left a great influence on me . Along with many others.

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The Inkslinger said...

Well, I'm very sorry to hear the news but happy for you in your brilliant attitude in celebrating a life well lived.