Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This is a small drawing/painting of asajj ventress from Star Wars. I did this for my good friend G-Nub is celebrating his birthday on April 28th. We both share the Empires symbal, forever tattooed into are skin. Hes got two on his shoulders, and mines on the side of my neck. Now hows that for two Star Wars nerds!!
This is just some more fan art. This is from Corey Lewis "Sharknife" This is a really cool little tale of a monster fighting ...guy? Hard to explain, but fun to read. Just go find it and read it.

This is the button design (Thank you Bill for the help.), I just got back in its final button form!!! I have no clue what I just typed. Anyway come to S.P.A.C.E, and get a free button with this on it. Then buy all my books at the table, and get a sketch. After that buy all of Bill Wilkison's books, and get a sketch from him. (He's probably already drawn you.) Then just buy all the books you can, to support all the indy artist out there doing there thing!!!

If you are looking to get buttons made, this is a great place to get it done.

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