Friday, April 28, 2006

20 pages of evil kids, and the one person even more evil then them.$3.00
12 illustrated pages of dealing with past ghost. $1.00
Pinups done by me, and good friend Paul Jurkzak. $1.00
A book that should have started a revolution in action comics, but lacked the spandex to get fanboys jumping. The second issue I'm sold out off, but if I start selling more of these I may reprint it in mini-comic format $1.00
I have 1 issue left to sell!!!! Its Tales of the crypt meet Sin City, with a little Elvis thrown in. $2.00
2005 Sketchbook, comes with original sketch. $2.00
Zombies, nuff said. $3.00

Well comic con season, is quickly coming up to kick us all in the teeth. Alot of my books have gone out of print, in the last year. But I'm finishing up a slew of new stuff to offer. "26 Creatures you never want to know" will be done by SPACE,. Along with a short story mini comic named. "nicknamed:Napalm" Then by the time Chicago Con hits, I'll have "The Romantic" and the new "Jaicore" sketchbook finished. I'm posting the covers of some of my other books, for anyone who may want to order them. Just give me a email, and I'll get you the ordering information. I put the prices under them, but thats without shipping and handling. Just add a dollar to the book, and that should cover it.

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