Thursday, June 01, 2017

New Sketchbook

                     My friend challenged me to do a sexy Octo-lady... So here you go.
 The girl I've been recently dating loves mermaids, and has a Mohawk. So of course I drew a Mohawk mermaid.
                                                         AQuick sexy afternoon sketch.
                                                                 A fun Baku design.

                                                                Dr. Sketchy designs.
 So again the new girl I've been dating has done some potential modeling for Suicide Girls... Well, I made a sketch off one of her photos...hubba hubba...
                        Sexy lady warrior...Possible painting sometime in the future.
                                                               Roses... my favorite.
                                                  A little design based off my BJJ school.
                                                           Another flash page design.
                                         About a five minute red pencil sketch.. Just for fun.

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