Sunday, January 01, 2017

A whole slew of new fan art and illustrations.

 A K-2SO fan art drawing from last week. I absolutely love rouge One!! Easily in my top three Star Wars movies.
 A collar choke to 2016. It was a rough year. But in loss, we learn. Now it's time to apply those lessons.
 Son of Havoc is one of my favorite Lucha Underground characters.  In the indy-wrestling scene he goes by Matt Cross. Either way he's great to watch perform.
                 We lost a true Princess in the last days of 2016. Rest well Carrie Fisher.
             Griffin sketch... Just because I don't think I've ever tried to draw one before.

                      Last watercolor painting of the year.. Godzilla is a good way to go.

A sketch I made while hanging out a local coffee shop a week or so ago. The people next to me were way loud...
 Another sketch from the coffee shop. Highly influenced by old playing cards I was looking at online.
                                        A portrait of Jack Kirby's creation The demon.

                                                                    Just a sad tree.

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