Monday, November 24, 2014

The ghost deer...

It was a cool November morning, and I was wondering through the woods. The leaves wore dark red and sepia hues and I could smell the cold in the air. But really my mind was totally focused on how much I wish I had packed a piece of bubble gum.. I really wanted a piece of bubble gum. Suddenly I heard a snap directly behind me. I turned to see the large hulking mass of a deer’s ghost. It stood silent and stiff. A very low audible sound whispered through its lips. The large black eyes slowly closed, and reopened. When cats did this. They are telling you they trust you. But I don’t think the deer doing it meant that. That’s when I chuckled. I realized what was going on.” Sorry deer. Your not the ghost.. I am.” I waved to my living friend, and turned back to my walk in the forest.

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