Sunday, December 02, 2012

 This is what I read, every time I open my sketchbook... It reminds me to work harder... To keep pushing, till I make it.. I truly feel that I was made to make art, and I want the world to see it.
 A quick drawing of my lovely Sarah Lima... The best girlfriend, a guy could ask for. Beautiful, smart, funny as hell... Plus she is tough as nail, and a hustler herself...
 Just a smoking monster of doom.
 Just a quick sketch/watercolor doodle... Women are always the funnest subject, for me to draw.... So that's just where I go.
 I actually painted a Dr. Sketchy painting a long time ago, similar to this... But never felt it was good enough... I really like this one though...

 These to were from a life drawing class I took last Tuesday. A really awesome painter, let me use one of his brushes.( I always use crummy cheap brushes.) Then after the class, he gave it to me... It was such a nice surprise. I was totally blown away, by his kindness.
 I'm trying to get Mary Jane Watson
(Spider Man) look down... Close, but not there yet...

I started watching a Sailor Jerry documentary last Friday. From that I spent the weekend you-tubing tattooist interviews, and mini-documentary's... So I started trying to learn spit shading... Here are my first two attempts.

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